Based on the inquiries we receive on vehicle graphics, many people want to know: What is the difference between a vehicle wrap or vehicle graphics and lettering? In the simplest of explanations, a wrap is a giant sheet of graphics that are applied directly on top of the vehicle’s original paint, whereas vehicle lettering and graphics can be done either by painting or through the use of vinyl graphics.

A vehicle wrap typically covers more surface area of the vehicle. They are useful, especially for larger spaces, such as trailers and vans, whereas having less space on a car or truck may be better suited for vehicle lettering or custom graphics production. The surface area of the vehicle to be done will generally predicate the cost of the services. Other factors include the type of materials used, colors, time to design and then time to install it. All of these things can vary greatly, between one or two simple lettering colors to a fancy computer-generated image and complex, full-color vehicle wrap.

To put it simply, a vehicle wrap IS a type of graphic, but it is often much larger and more complex. A vehicle graphic can be something small, such as a bumper sticker, but can also take up the entire surface area of the car. Some wraps can be applied to a specific area of the automobile, such as the doors, or across the blank area in the back, or even in the rear. Some companies call this “partial” vehicle wraps, which simply means that only part of the car will display graphics.

Most often, vehicle graphics can be installed on one, two, three or all four sides of a vehicle within one professional installation. Unless there are layers or something more complicated involved, the vehicle can be snazzed up within just one afternoon.

Typically, when you come to Lakeshore Signs, we start with a consultation to determine your needs. We take a look at your vehicle, as well as the logos and other services or products of your business and then we guide you as to which type of vehicle graphics we would recommend. After we hear your vision for the customization, we move forward with you to give you an estimate for your specifications. Depending on how elaborate the vehicle lettering will be, the proposal will vary between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. We do vehicle lettering and wraps of all sizes, from a small golf cart to a great big trailer!

Let us take the confusion out of your vehicle lettering needs. Give us a call or drive by for a no-risk estimate. 985-809-9990.

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