A good sign must have a few key elements. If you include these requirements on your trailer signs, your business will attract many more customers!

Catching Their Attention!

  • A nice border will make people focus on the main graphic on the trailer. By choosing a bold border color, everyone will read the marketing message 26 percent faster. In addition, if the special message is printed in another color, the sign will get an improved response.
  • Traffic signs are more effective if they can be viewed from a distance. This is why you must choose color combinations that stand out. If you have a small trailer, your sign should have a dark background and light-colored letters. The letters will seem bigger because of the contrast.
  • A good sign must be readable; if the letters are not bold, they'll be difficult to see. According to studies, the best color combination for a sign is black and yellow. The letters should be black and bold, and the background should be a bright yellow shade. Any sign that is printed in these colors will stand out at a great distance.

How to Choose a Proper Color Display

  • RGB color projects consist of blue, red, and green. All of these colors produce a very colorful image.
  • CMYK color projects have a dot pattern that includes black, magenta, yellow, and cyan toners or inks. This scheme is used by nearly all digital printers.
  • Spot color procedures are implemented by commercial printing companies. This printing method helps manufacturers print one solid color.

Maintenance Advice for Trailer Graphics

  • A trailer graphic is an investment, so you must protect it by implementing a few maintenance procedures. To clean the wrap, simply use a mild detergent and water. Waxing is not recommended because most products are made with petroleum distillate, which is a substance that can destroy a wrap.
  • Facilities that use automated brushes should be avoided. If the brushes rub the edge of the graphics, they may produce a failure point. Also, if the brushes wash certain areas aggressively, the brittles will scratch the wrap.
  • Pressure washing, however, is recommended if the proper techniques are used. The water pressure should never exceed 1200 psi, and the water temperature must stay under 180 degrees F. While spraying, the nozzle should remain 12 inches away from the trailer at all times. When cleaning the graphic, the nozzle must be perpendicular to the design; this technique will prevent lifting or chipping.
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