On the way to work, you may pass by many businesses in Louisiana, both big and small. Only once in a great while does a sign truly make an impact enough to remember exactly where that company is located and what it does. And one way to achieve this goal of memorability is by doing something different, such as posting a hand painted sign instead of a traditional machine-made sign.

Hand painted signs tell a customer instantly that you have a “unique” business and that you don’t always follow the same rules as the big guys. In fact, people who like Mom & Pop types of companies and who support local businesses often look for such details.

LakeShore Signs has had the opportunity to design, paint and create a number of stunning painted signs for schools, restaurants, coffee shops, art galleries, museums and more. The uses for painted signs in Louisiana are endless. In fact, we find that painting signs for LA businesses is rather arduous and takes a skilled hand to accomplish.

Our very talented sign artists work one-on-one with customers individually to create signs that are both an expression of the personality of the business, as well as featuring vibrant colors that get noticed. Depending on your logo, theme or style of your organization, we may propose several mock-up ideas before the painting part actually begins.

Unlike the wonderful sandblasted or routed signs we also create, painted signs require a totally different skillset to create. The sandblasted signs are machine assisted, whereas the painted signs are literally created by hand. We are nonetheless proud of any signs we make on behalf of our customers in Abita Springs and other LA communities, however we do take special pride in our ability to handcraft painted signs that are weather resistant, beautiful and can be painted using a variety of colors and textures.

Why would you want a painted sign, rather than another type of sign? Here are 4 great reasons to get a painted sign instead of a classic machine-made sign:

  1. To be unique
  2. To portray a smaller style personality for your business
  3. To emphasize creativeness
  4. To stand apart from competition

When you are ready to look at sign ideas for your Louisiana small business, let us help you design and create a painted sign that looks totally amazing! 

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