We’ve all seen vehicles that feature the name of a brand or business; maybe even within our own communities of Abita Springs, Mandeville, Covington, Slidell or nearby New Orleans. But have you ever considered getting vehicle graphics for your vehicle? If you have any type of service profession, LakeShore Signs strongly recommends vehicle graphics for a number of great reasons.

  1. Establishes instant credibility. When you drive to a job site, imagine how much more impressionable it will be to have stunning vehicle graphics on your truck or van. Customers take you more seriously than they would with just a plain van. It makes you look like a “real” business, rather than a fly-by-the night organization.
  2. Makes your business more memorable. While you are driving around, customers can see your company and write down the phone number or remember the name of your company. Even if they don’t need your services that day, they may remember the name of your business when they do have a need. They are more likely to call a company that is “familiar” because they have seen your logo and company name brightly displayed on your company vehicles.
  3. Promotes brand recognition. Having a recognizable company gives customers an opportunity to spread the word about your business to other friends and family members. The more times they see your company logo – even while you’re just tooling around running errands – the better your chances will be that they will call you!
  4. Holds your company more accountable. The feeling of driving a vehicle with your company graphics on it gives you more opportunity to present your business as a real company, rather than just an individual who offers products or services. It makes you more accountable because your reputation is on the line every time you drive around!
  5. Makes you better equipped and most efficient for the work. Vehicle graphics help you take your work more seriously and better equipped to do the job. Instead of showing up to a job in your family minivan, you can keep your tools or products in your company vehicle.
  6. Tax advantages. Try explaining to Uncle Sam, why your car is a company vehicle without vehicle lettering or graphics. If you have automobile graphics with your company name and business, you can write off many of your company’s transportation expenses. Mileage or gas, repairs and other things can be put through your business, rather than as a personal automobile.
  7. Gives your company cost-effective advertising. Vehicle graphics give you lasting advertising that stick around much longer than advertising in other media, such as TV, radio or online. You pay only once for advertising that can last years. Now that’s a cost effective idea!
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